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long-term plan

Adhere to the corporate tenet of "happy work, happy life", continuously improve the treatment of employees, let employees live happily, and actively assume social responsibilities; firmly grasp the enterprise development concept of "talent, innovation, brand", have foreign branches, become an international Group company; always carry forward the "communication and cooperation, unity and progress" team spirit, employees become the company's shareholders; always maintain the "we will love the cause and love life as a cohesive 'production of raw materials'" spirit of enterprise, let Taifeng become A well-known global brand; vigorously promote the professional concept of “Taifeng's industry to serve the country and lead the domestic green cleaning industry”, to maximize customer satisfaction; strictly adhere to the innovative spirit of “innovation is the soul of Taifeng's survival and progress”. Give full play to the professional advantages of “Shandong No.1” and unswervingly fulfill the company mission of “making the world cleaner, more energy-efficient, safer, more environmentally friendly, meeting and surpassing the needs and hopes of others”, and strive to make Taifeng global. Taifeng, employees are proud of Taifeng, creating profound material wealth and spiritual wealth And spiritual wealth!

All employees should be closely united, seek truth from facts, keep pace with the times, develop and innovate, and work tirelessly around the grand goal of “Creating a hundred-year-old Taifeng, building a global brand”!

Engaged in large equipment and equipment cleaning, energy saving and environmental protection services, contract energy management, water treatment engineering, equipment leasing, franchise chain